Monday August 21 , 2017

Electrostatic Allergy Filters


Have You Considered Electrostatic Allergy Filters?

What you inhale in your home is very important to your health - that’s why we offer allergy filters. It is recommended that you have your air ducts and air filters inspected at least twice a year. Keep in mind with a dirty air duct system and air duct filters your heating/cooling unit will be working harder causing your electric bill to increase. Air duct cleaning has become an essential for businesses, industrial buildings, homes, and offices. What you can expect after your air duct filters have been cleaned is increased energy efficiency, which not only refreshes your interior environment, but also reduces energy consumption.

Dust and other microscopic contaminants not only tend to accumulate in your ducts, but also in the grill, blowers, heat exchangers, air filters, furnace vents and air-conditioning coils.  Our permanent electrostatic allergy filters are a great investment in creating and maintaining a healthy environment in your home.

Your air filters periodically get clogged with hair from humans and pets, microscopic dust mites (which is one of main causes of allergies) and even vermin droppings, allowing contaminants to seep right through your filter and out your vents, infiltrating every area of your house. With our multi-layered electrostatic filters, all these contaminants are attracted to the filter, keeping your home and family safe for their effects.  In addition to health benefits for your family, these filters will also help clean and maintain your heating and cooling systems, improving overall energy efficiency.

Our easy to clean electrostatic allergy filters may be something to consider for your living environment, family, and bank account!

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