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#51 S Powell 2016-05-15 14:42
Pet odor
I called and scheduled an appointment, not knowing the extent of the damage my cat had done in my living room. After the front was clean Matt actually cleaned the back of the carpet and gave us new padding. The room is wonderful. If you have cat urine smell and need professional help, call this team. They are Super Heros!!!
#50 Christy 2016-02-09 22:32
My two year old got a hold of my bright pink lipstick and decided to paint our brand new carpet!! I was sure it was going to take a miracle to get the carpet clean, but Matt the miracle worker came to the rescue and you'd never be able to tell there was ever any lipstick on the carpet! A true miracle! THANK YOU MATT and VCS! You did an amazing job!
#49 Marcia 2015-06-15 11:10
My daughter recommended this service, and I'm happy I took her advice. Besides just needing carpeting throughout the house and some chairs cleaned due to normal use, I also had "cat issues" that required special treatment. Jordan showed up on time, was friendly and professional, did a great job - and the carpets look and SMELL great. Thank you!
#48 Leslie 2015-05-05 07:44
I am very pleased with the way my carpet and upholstery look after being cleaned by VCS. They are cleaner and dried more quickly than with other companies I have used. Jordan didn't seem rushed and took time to answer all my questions. I will definitely use them again and refer my friends and family to them.
#47 L. Reef 2015-04-29 21:36
First impressions are important and Jordan's smiling face at the door reminded me why I called this company for the second time. The carpet not only looked great-- the whole house smelled good!I heard about them on KSL, and they proved to be all and more. From the time I called for an appointment to the time Jordan left, it was a positive experience. I'm now looking at having the air ducts cleaned. Very honest company with prices I can afford!! Thanks to all of you.

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